Can ARPAC is a designer in both fields of Yachts and Interiors. He has done studies in Masters Degree in Interior Architecture in Vienna, second Masters Degree in Yacht Design in Milano and Izmir. For the last ten years, he has traveled to nearly thirty countries and studied multiple disciplines to deliver the best.

During his career, he has worked with various companies that serve in the different fields of both interior and yacht design. From retailing to social space design, mega yachts to hospitality design, he has experienced numerous different fields of design internationally.

Since 2018, he gives interior and yacht design services in Fethiye, Turkey, and Hamburg, Germany.

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Design is a plan for arranging elements in such way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

Charles EAMES


Haliç University Bachelor of Interior Architecture.

Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture in Istanbul,Turkey. 2008-2012


IEU Master of Yacht Design.

Master Degree in Yacht Design in Izmir,Turkey. 2015-2017.


Politecnico di Milano Lauera Magistrale, Design degli Interni.

Master degree in Interior Architecture in Milano,Italy. 2017.


New Design University Innenarchitektur & Visuellekomunikation.

Master Degree in Interior Architecture & Visual Communication in Vienna, Austria. 2018-2020.

Companies I've worked with

  • Doelker & Voges Gmbh, Hamburg, Germany
  • St.Corona Interiors, Vienna, Austria
  • A+ Architects, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Guel Koc Interiors, Munich, Germany
  • Jab Anstoetz, Milano, Italy
  • Romo Interiors, Izmir, Turkey
  • Ofisline & Nitrocare, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Malpensa Airport, Milano, Italy
  • NV Passage, Vienna, Austria
  • New Design University, St. Poelten, Austria
  • Turk Telekom, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Zeylaa Group International
  • Marinturk, bay area Göcek
  • Urban CoLab, Munich, Germany

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